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With an in-house technical team that handles over 30,000 objects a year, your artworks will be in some of the world’s safest and most experienced hands. Irrespective of size, materials or complexity, we have the expertise to install even the most unconventional objects.

We have transported and installed multi-piece sculptures, handled priceless paintings and rare illuminated manuscripts. If you need advice on a challenging installation, even if the artwork is still merely a concept, we encourage you to get in touch.

Our experienced fine art technicians have handled some of the world’s most demanding art logistics projects. From the installation space, access and fittings to environmental conditions and required equipment, we meticulously plan and execute each installation.

From large and heavy to a series of intricate parts, our technical team can provide solutions for the most complex of art installations. We have a selection of mechanical lifting and handling equipment to minimise risks at every step of the installation process. To solve unusual installation challenges, our technical team have designed a number of their own tried and tested tools too. If we don’t have the perfect tool for the job, we will invent it.

Installing Artwork Since 1972

Over fifty years ago, Momart was established by artist Jim Moyes to provide reliable fine art transport and installation services for contemporary art galleries in London. Today we work with galleries, artists, museums, collectors and auction houses around the world.

"I have no hesitation in recommending Momart. Moving high-value precious artworks is always stressful for a curator, but the Momart team – both site technicians and office staff - have always been calm and capable, and each event was run very smoothly."

Dr Sarah Tatham, Senior Exhibitions Curator
Royal Opera House

"Momart have contributed to us achieving some of the most complex and technically challenging exhibitions we have programmed in the last thirty years. We are very proud of our collaborations with them. The team are a pleasure to work with, offering innovative solutions to what may seem like the impossible, providing positive contributions at all stages of a project."

Flora Fricker, Senior Exhibitions Manager
Royal Academy of Arts