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A technician pulling a sheet of polythene across a large blue sculpture of a cockerel

Packing and Casemaking

When it comes to packing and protecting works of art, we leave nothing to chance. We design and build our cases in-house and verify all packing materials to ensure your artworks are protected to the highest level.

Bespoke Solutions

A technician measuring packing materials across the back of a partially-cased sculpture.

Our extensive range of fine art cases, from travel frame to full museum standard, are constructed and produced to the highest standards and provide durable protection and security during transit and storage.

Each case is crafted in our own in-house workshop, made bespoke to the artwork it will contain.

Three light grey shipping cases sitting in front of a grey roller doorA close up detail of the stencils on a light grey shipping case.

Setting Standards for Museum Shipping Cases

In 1991, we collaborated with the Tate to develop standard specifications for their museum cases used for touring exhibitions and shipping artworks internationally.

Highly-Skilled Team

Our casemaking team have extensive knowledge of fine art materials and conservation.

They design and build each case after assessing a range of criteria, including the type of artwork, its condition, and the mode of transport to be used, ensuring that artworks are safe from environmental, manual, and mechanical hazards.

If you have works that are too big, heavy or unwieldy to be crated, our technical team can devise alternative packing methods.

Our team can provide site visits to assess the specific needs of the artwork or objects. After evaluating the unique challenges, our experts will collaborate with you to explore a range of suitable packing solutions.

Whether it's devising custom solutions, recommending specialised materials, or implementing innovative techniques, our goal is to ensure the safe and secure transport of your valuable objects.


Momart's fine art cases adhere to international shipping and ISPM15 standards, featuring robust construction, premium materials, and wood sourced from sustainable yield forests - we exclusively use FSC certificated materials with audited Chain of Custody accreditation.

We continually strive to reduce the impact of our services on the environment, reusing cases and their materials where we can. When further re-use is no longer possible, we separate all materials from end of life cases – wood and corrugated card are recycled.

"Were it not for Momart's packing cases, many of the fragile plaster Henry Moore sculptures from his maquette studio may not have survived the Hurricane Sandy. Each sculpture, as small as the palm of a hand, had been wrapped in tissue and nestled in form fitted pockets inside layers of foam, all encased within waterproof sealed crates. Remarkably the cases actually floated and remained completely water tight, and the works did not suffer any damage."

Anita Feldman, Head of Collections & Exhibitions
Henry Moore Foundation

"The first big piece that Momart moved and installed for me was a large scale painting transported to Art Unlimited in Basel back in 2006. They did a great job so when a commission for VIA University College in Aarhus came up, Momart was the company I could trust to properly take care of the work."

Clare Woods, Artist