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An image taken on a bright sunny day of three white trucks outside a grey warehouse. There are two men taking a bright blue case out of the back of the third truck into an open loading bay entrance.

Art Transport

We have over fifty years of experience in safely transporting artworks across the world by road, sea and air freight. With a specialised fleet of secure, climate-controlled vehicles and a network of trusted partners, we can transport your art anywhere.

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This image shows a light grey warehouse with two loading bays, the left loading bay has the shutter down, while the right one is open with a white truck parked inside.

We have a fleet of secure, specialised vehicles to transport your artwork throughout the UK and Europe.

Each vehicle is temperature-controlled, Euro 6 compliant, and fitted with air-ride suspension. They are fully alarmed and have GPS tracking. They are operated by two expert technicians; both are qualified drivers and trained art handlers.

A graphic aerial view of an aeroplane on tarmac

We cover all destinations in the world, with flights from UK and all major EU hubs. For additional security, our dedicated airport operations team have full airside access, ensuring packed objects are safely palletised, loaded and stowed in the aircraft. We are a regulated agent and can screen cargo in our warehouse prior to departure.

By Sea

A graphic image of multiple shipping containers in reds, mustards, greens and blues. One red container is being lifted in the centre of the image.

Sea freight is the lower carbon alternative to shipping by air. Our long-held relationships with established international shipping companies, enable us to offer the most cost and time efficient routing options to your destination. We also provide personally supervised shipments from Felixstowe and Southampton.

Courier Support Service

When couriers are required for road or air freight, we provide a complete air courier service: arranging flights, hotels, itineraries, and transfer to and from airports. We also provide courier training at Heathrow Airport.

This image is taken from the perspective of inside the back of a Momart truck, it looks out to two technicians moving a bright case inside from the tail lift.

Consolidated Transport

We offer consolidated transport, with weekly routes to and from the UK across mainland Europe. The benefits of consolidated transport include reduced costs and a significantly lower environmental impact. We also provide consolidated shipments to major art fairs.

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Customs Procedures

An image of a technician bringing a case out of the back of a Momart truck on to the tail lift, ready to be lowered. The truck is parked at the entrance of a Momart loading bay.

We have unrivalled expertise in customs support, with a dedicated, highly trained in-house team. They manage the whole clearance process and will ensure you remain compliant with your customs obligations.

Through our connections to customs’ CHIEF, CDS and NCTS systems, our customs team make most import, export and transit declarations; this includes consignments clearing at our warehouse and diversions between customs procedures.

"I have no hesitation in recommending Momart. Moving high-value precious artworks is always stressful for a curator, but the Momart team – both site technicians and office staff - have always been calm and capable, and each event was run very smoothly."

Dr Sarah Tatham, Senior Exhibitions Curator
Royal Opera House

"Momart have contributed to us achieving some of the most complex and technically challenging exhibitions we have programmed in the last thirty years. We are very proud of our collaborations with them. The team are a pleasure to work with, offering innovative solutions to what may seem like the impossible, providing positive contributions at all stages of a project."

Flora Fricker, Senior Exhibitions Manager
Royal Academy of Arts