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For over 50 years, we have been trusted by respected galleries, auction houses, artists and museums, including world-renowned institutions, to provide a full array of specialist fine art logistics services. We understand that our operations and services, from storage to transportation, have a significant impact on the environment, and are committed to taking steps to reduce it. It is our responsibility to act urgently, and we are working with our staff, clients and partners to take action.

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"Momart is committed to continual improvement in the environmental impact of our operations. Over the years, we have significantly reduced our waste levels, benefited from solar electricity, increased recycling initiatives and sought to decrease energy usage. We are now seeking to significantly step up our improvements in these areas, and as such have now developed both a sustainability strategy and route map to take us there with the help of a specialist environmental consultancy. We will be regularly updating our policies and processes as we work through our route map and will be updating these pages and our clients as we do."

Alison Jordan, Managing Director, Momart

Our Goals

In 2023, we started working with our sustainability partner, Lantern, to further our sustainability agenda.

We are working on:

  • Creating a footprint and baseline of our direct and operational emissions covering the energy use in our buildings, fuel use of our fleet, as well as resources use, such as waste (from our casemaking service) and water use.
  • Producing a sustainability strategy with a clear action plan including targets, timelines and allocated responsibilities.
  • Reviewing key areas of the business short term (2025), including energy and carbon, water, waste, transport and travel.
  • Longer term review (2025-2030) of pollution/air, materials, procurement, training and education, partner outreach.
A technician in the Momart workshop lifting a sheet of plywood. There are sheets of plywood out of focus in the foreground and floor-to-ceiling shelves of plywood behind him

Our Actions

We have already taken steps to address some of our environmental impacts, and our sustainability statement and strategy will help us to communicate our efforts and to respond to the Climate Emergency.

To date we have:

  • Developed a comprehensive carbon calculator for our clients to understand the emissions produced as part of our transportation services, enabling them to opt for more sustainable transportation alternatives to air freight.
  • Been actively working to design out waste from our casemaking workshop where possible.
  • Found solutions for reusing, repurposing or recycling most of our packaging materials required for storage and transportation, including timber, polyurethane foam, polyethylene foam, polystyrene sheeting, polythene sheeting, corrugated card and cartons.
  • Created an active Green Team with representatives including transport, security, packing & casemaking, operations, exhibitions, gallery services, and marketing.
  • Put in place policies relating to sourcing of materials.

If you'd like any further information or have questions about our sustainability efforts, we encourage you to contact us.