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A view inside the Momart warehouse, with grey floor, silver roof, stacked with wooden and painted crates, and a large black hare sculpture.


Located in East London, our purpose-built fine art warehouses are designed to keep your collection safe and secure.

White storage racking on each side of the photo. They are pulled out gradually closer towards the centre until the furthest racks almost meet together.
A photo of fine art crates on two levels in the Momart warehouse. The crates are largely wooden and range in shapes and sizes.
Looking down a corridor of the Momart warehouses, with paintings and artworks softwrapped on shelves on each side of the image.

Bespoke Solutions

From climate-controlled units to dedicated areas for entire collections, our facilities are designed to cater to the unique requirements of each client. We can accommodate art objects of any size in short or long-term storage.

Choose between specialist storage for framed and crated artworks, bespoke racking systems, and dedicated private space.


A minimal photograph of the Momart warehouse facilities, looking up to the corner of the building with a blue sky above..

Our warehouses have been constructed to the highest specification and incorporate the most up-to-date security, fire protection, environmental, and access standards.

Climate control systems regulate temperature, humidity, and air quality, ensuring that sensitive materials are protected from adverse environmental effects.

Approved by leading insurance companies worldwide, our warehouses meet the stringent security requirements of the UK and International Government Indemnity Scheme.

Unmatched Expertise

Two art handlers lifting a colourful, abstract artwork from blocks to hang it on the white walls of the Momart viewing rooms.

We have a skilled team of technicians ensuring the safe and secure handling and condition checking of artworks in our warehouse.

All objects are handled by trained fine art technicians using industry leading best practices. They are acutely aware of the delicacy of the pieces they handle. Each technician undergoes training to ensure they are equipped to handle a wide range of forms, from ancient artefacts to contemporary works. They are also rigorously trained in the latest security protocols and health and safety.

Customs Bonded Warehouse

Our warehouse is fully 'bonded' with customs warehouse authorisation, allowing works to be stored, viewed, examined and packed, with duty and VAT payments suspended until the object is removed from the warehouse. We provide both short and long-term solutions, and have a specialist team of customs experts who can advise on imports, exports and Temporary Admission (TA).

A wide angle view of the Momart viewing room, with a triptych on the wall, with bright blue background and thick black swirling brush marks. The ceiling shows the temperature control vents.

Viewing Rooms

You can use our gallery-style private viewing rooms to show artworks to potential buyers, and to condition check, photograph and value objects. Your works will be moved to and from, and set up in the viewing rooms by our specialist in-house art handlers.

Collection Care

An image of a multicoloured abstract painting hung on white art racking in Momart's storage facilities.

With extensive in-house expertise and connections throughout the art world, we are on hand to simplify all aspects of collection management. This includes but is not limited to comprehensive storage insurance, condition checking and inventory management, framing and conservation specialist recommendations, and unlimited support from our in-house customs experts.