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Four art technicians back on, move a large artwork, which fills the whole frame. Each technician is wearing alternating blue and white Momart tshirts.


Momart provides premium fine art logistics, with a comprehensive range of services, including transport, storage, and installation. We are dedicated to protecting and preserving everything we handle. From delicate paintings to monumental sculptures, we have a world-class reputation for solving the most complex art transport and installation challenges.

Since 1972, we have been entrusted by some of the world’s most prestigious institutions, galleries, artists, and collectors to safeguard their invaluable artworks and objects. We take pride in providing the highest quality of service to our clients and are proud to have earned their trust over the years.


A black and white image of art handlers loading an artwork into a truck.

In the early seventies, artist Jim Moyes was employed by galleries in London’s west end and many emerging artists, for installation, art handling and transport services.

The client base quickly grew in recognition of the quality of service being offered and in September 1972, Momart began. The company continued to grow – handling artworks, providing specialist storage and transport – establishing a strong reputation with galleries, artists and major institutions.

A painting by Paula Rego of a woman sleeping. she is wearing a blue tshirt and trousers that stop at the knee, she rests her head on a lighter blue pillow. She is surrounded by darkness and there are stars in the darkness above her.

The Momart Artist Christmas Card has become a tradition since its inception in 1984. It all started when artist Bruce McLean designed the first festive card for Momart, serving as a gift for friends, clients and collaborators.

Among the illustrious artists who have contributed their creative vision to these cards are notable figures like David Hockney, Paula Rego, Tracey Emin and Damien Hirst.

Royal Warrant

The Royal Warrant was granted to Momart by her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth in 1993, as a result of our work with the Royal Collection, one of the world’s largest and most widely distributed art collections. The prestigious award, which we hold to this day, recognises the highest quality of service and excellence.


Alison Jordan
Managing Director

Alison Jordan, Momart's Managing Director since 2022, previously ran Proportion London for five years, specialising in mannequins and display equipment. Her career began after studying MA History of Art at Edinburgh University. With experience at Fenwick, Marks & Spencer, Molton Brown, Warner Bros, and Fortnum & Mason, Alison excels in brand and team development, emphasising product quality and customer service.

Guy Morey
Operations Director

With over 34 years at Momart, Guy Morey has been Operations Director since 2020, overseeing a team of 70. His experience spans fine art logistics, including art handling, leadership, problem-solving, and safety compliance. Guy’s journey at Momart began in casemaking and evolved into managing complex art installations. He is renowned for handling art in challenging environments and prioritises Momart’s commitment to excellence.

Chris Chandy
Finance Director

Momart's Finance Director, Chris Chandy, joined in September 2023, bringing 19+ years of experience as a chartered accountant (ACA) and CIMA qualified accountant. Formerly the UK CFO at dnata (Emirates Group), where he transformed the finance functions. Chris has extensive experience in aviation logistics and various sectors, working in diverse ownership structures globally.


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