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Two technicians fixing a sculpture into a case, in front of a white wall.

Art Fairs Services

If you are planning to exhibit at an international fair, we can take care of the art logistics. We will coordinate, pack, ship and deliver your works and install them at the fair. You can rely on our experience, cost-effective shipping options and customs expertise to get your artworks there safely and without delay.

Consolidated Shipping

Our dedicated art fairs team is made up of project managers and highly skilled technicians. With a wealth of experience in transporting artwork to and from the art fairs, we can advise on shipping schedules, customs procedures, packing solutions and recommend the most appropriate transport method. We offer consolidated art fair shipping to major art fairs.

On-Site Support

An art technician handling a sculpture in a case.

Our team of technicians will install your exhibit to your specific requirements. We have on-site representatives at all major art fairs to coordinate the help you need. From arranging storage and installation to replenishing your inventory, there's no need to worry about delayed responses due to time zones.

Post-Sale Logistics

We can handle the delivery of sold works to buyers, and arrange storage, packing and international shipping on your behalf. We will handle customs clearance and manage customs procedures to ensure you and your clients stay compliant with all regulations.

Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming fair or planning for future events, we’re here to help. Request a consultation with our Art Fairs team to explore how Momart can elevate your logistics.

Our team will reach out to you promptly to discuss your specific needs, answer any questions you may have, and arrange a consultation.