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Case Study

An art installation for all to mark Landmark’s 50th year

LAND, comprising five distinct life-size standing figures by the award-winning artist Antony Gormley, formed the centrepiece of the 50th-anniversary celebrations of the Landmark Trust—one of Britain’s leading building conservation charities.

The cast in iron figures, installed at five Landmark Trust sites personally selected by the artist, added a point of focus to each location, encouraging visitors to contemplate the specific elemental conditions of each site, and in the case of the four coastal locations, the different qualities of the North Sea, the English Channel, the Kilbrannan Sound, and the Bristol Channel. These challenging and technically complex installations were project managed, transported and installed by Momart.

Each one of the installations required innovative sculpture fixing techniques and designs and some unorthodox delivery methods, taking into consideration the challenging terrain and changeable weather conditions at all the compass points in the UK. Momart worked with a complex array of stakeholders on each individual project to ensure the sensitivities of the artist’s vision were realised within these beautiful and dramatic locations.