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Sustainability Statement

As an organisation, we realise that our operations, services, and activities have a significant environmental impact. This includes the use of fuel for our fleet, packing materials and waste disposal as well as energy use for our climate-controlled buildings.

We are committed to fully recognising, monitoring and reducing our carbon footprint. We are taking active steps to reduce our operational footprint from energy, waste and fuel use by 2025 and, in accordance with the 2015 Paris Agreement, we are committed to reducing our overall emissions by a minimum of 50% by 2030. This will be led by our newly developed Sustainability Strategy, building on our sustainability initiatives to date, which include reducing the use of fossil fuels in our operations, working closely with our suppliers to lower the impact of our material supply chain, and decreasing the pollutants caused by our transport and materials. We will support our staff to make informed and sustainable choices at work and home, through knowledge sharing, training and education activities.

For our operations, we will:

  • Improve and update our monitoring processes and create an accurate baseline for our carbon footprint to ensure we can track and evaluate progress and reductions.
  • Create a process for annual voluntary energy and carbon reporting and use SECR environmental reporting guidelines as our reporting framework.
  • Strengthen and formalise Momart’s sustainability working group to increase awareness of environmental issues among our employees, senior managers, and parent company.
  • Create clear policies, including a Travel Policy, to reduce the impact of international business travel and start monitoring our domestic travel.
  • Expand research into alternatives to diesel for our fleet and implement viable solutions.
  • Work closely with our suppliers to find more sustainable solutions for our packaging materials and follow the waste hierarchy of preventing, reusing, recycling, recovering and lastly disposing of our waste. We will formalise our commitment ‘zero to landfill’ and continue to find the most sustainable ways to deal with the different waste streams from our own operation and client related projects.

For our clients, we will:

  • Put processes in place to monitor and understand the impact of projects and expand our existing carbon calculator.
  • Phase in carbon reporting for proposals and invoices to inform and support our clients’ own sustainability agendas and reporting.
  • Collaborate with clients to develop more sustainable packaging solutions and provide alternatives.
  • Continue to work closely with the sector to share our efforts and results, create case studies and develop from them.

We will do all the above while ensuring we continue to comply with or exceed the environmental legislation in UK and in the sector we operate.

The Sustainability Statement will be communicated via our sustainability working group to our employees, parent company, clients and suppliers, and will be made available to all other interested parties via our sustainability webpage. Our statement will be reviewed and signed off annually by Momart’s Managing Director.

Alison Jordan

Managing Director, Momart Ltd

19 January 2024