From climate-controlled units to dedicated areas for entire collections, our purpose-built fine art warehouses keep your collection safe and secure.

Whether you require short-term art storage for a single work or long-term storage for an entire art collection, we provide tailored options to satisfy even the most complex of your art storage needs.

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Located in London, our professional art storage warehouses have been constructed to the highest specification and incorporate the most up-to-date security, fire protection, environmental, and access standards. They are approved by leading insurance companies worldwide and meet the stringent security requirements of the UK and International Government Indemnity Scheme.


From general art storage for crated artwork to bespoke art racking systems and climate controlled private rooms of 35 to 350 square metres, our fine art storage can be tailored to your exact requirements.

Fully customs bonded warehouse status

With fully customs-bonded status, our art warehouse units offer a special temporary storage area for items in transit under bond. This allows clients to view and examine works before customs duties arise.

Dedicated space for viewing, photography and condition reporting

Dedicated private viewing rooms equipped with highly configurable lighting arrangements and meeting room facilities complete the client experience, whether a private collector, gallery, or public institution.


All our art storage clients benefit from Momart’s renowned art handling and art logistics expertise provided by our in-house team of specialists. Our dedicated art technicians manage the movement of your works, bespoke crating and packing, and ensure your collection is treated with complete client confidentiality at all times.


With an extensive in-house expertise and connections throughout the art world, we are on hand to simplify all the aspects of collection management including:

  • Comprehensive storage insurance
  • Condition checking, photography, and inventory management
  • Recommendations for framing and conservation specialists
  • Recommendations for valuations and financing
  • Unlimited support from our in-house customs experts

All of the above swiftly organised through your single point of contact.

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