Art Newspaper Fair Report 2016

The Art Newspaper International Fair Report 2016

Momart is proud to partner with The Art Newspaper to produce The Art Newspaper’s biggest ever art fair report. They have selected 40 of the top international art fairs and made a detailed survey of their past five editions, covering 4,269 galleries, from 507 cities and 96 countries. Request your complimentary copy through the form below to find out the latest trends, the most popular art fairs and the most active international galleries.


International fairs survey

Which fairs are the most popular with the top galleries? Which are the best for emerging art? Which are the fastest growing art cities? Find out the answers in our report.

Collectors' favourites

Seasoned collectors and art world VIPs choose their top fairs, and a younger generation of influencers tell us their go-to fairs for cutting-edge emerging art.

The survival kit

How to survive an art fair—paracetamol, fasting and throwing lowball offers at dealers—the ultimate art-world insider, Kenny Schachter, shares his top tips. 

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