Over the years, we have developed unrivalled expertise in the procedures and protocols relating to customs clearance of fine art.

We keep up to date with the continually changing international customs regulations so you can be certain your shipment, regardless of the destination, has all the documentation required.

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Our in-house customs team have extensive knowledge and experience of customs requirements and procedures, keep abreast of changes and developments, and offer advice to colleagues and clients. They make most customs declarations themselves, so we are able to ensure the accuracy and detail declared, manage the whole customs clearance process and help you to remain compliant with your customs obligations.


Through our connections to customs’ CHIEF and NCTS systems, our customs team make most import, export and transit declarations; this includes consignments clearing at our warehouse and diversions between customs procedures. To further assist we hold a number of UCC compliant customs authorisations, facilitations and simplifications which enable us to provide a wide range of customs related services to our clients.


All our art warehouse units are part of our customs warehouse authorisation, which allows the storage of works with the duty and VAT payments suspended until the artwork is removed from the warehouse. Storage can be short or long term and allows works to be viewed, examined and packed.


Since 2011 Momart has been an Authorised Economic Operator – Customs Simplifications (AEOC), which means our customs controls and procedures are efficient and meet the required EU standards. This internationally recognised quality mark for ‘trusted traders’ enables us access to certain simplifications and facilitations which in turn reduce customs bureaucracy and help save valuable time for our clients.

Contact us for art customs enquiries: 

enquiries@momart.co.uk  /  +44 (0)20 7426 3000