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Momart is pleased to once again partner with the Art Business Conference in London, the UK’s leading platform for discussion of the key issues in the global art market.

This year we would like to warmly invite all delegates to join our panel discussion on the subject of export licensing.

The UK's rules on export licensing of cultural property derive from wartime legislation passed in 1939 which was partly designed to retain 'national treasures' but also to ensure foreign exchange control. Today, the export licensing system for cultural goods combines both EU and UK law and is the responsibility of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS). DCMS in turn delegates its administration to the Export Licensing Unit and – for items deemed to be 'national treasures'– the Reviewing Committee on the Export of Works of Art, which is responsible for advising the minister as to whether a cultural object is one of national importance in the light of the Waverley Criteria issued in 1952.

The purpose of the export control system is to provide an opportunity for the UK to retain cultural goods judged to be of outstanding national importance that would otherwise be exported. The system is designed to strike a balance, as fairly as possible, between the various interests concerned in any application for an export licence.

During the session, the speakers - Giuseppe Calabi from CBM Partners, Anastasia Tennant from the Arts Council, Julie Prance from Momart, Tova Ossad of Ossad Art Management, Friederike Gräfin von Brühl from KL Gates and James Carleton from Farrer & Co - will offer perspectives on Italian, UK and German export licensing and together with relevant case studies, will showcase the challenges the art trade faces today.

For the full programme of the conference day and to book your tickets for this event please visit www.theartbusinessconference.com

Art Business Conference
4 September 2019
Church House Conference Centre,
Westminster, London