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Momart proudly supports the Ways of Seeing, a unique project, which places artworks at the centre of communities, providing new ways for everyone to see, experience and think about art.

Ways of Seeing is an ambitious collaboration between the Government Art Collection and the Mayor’s London Borough of culture in Waltham Forest. Supported by Art Fund, the initiative transforms the whole borough of Waltham Forest into an art gallery by placing artworks of 33 internationally-known artists in 28 unusual and unexpected locations including libraries, sports centres, schools and more.

An impressive total of 68 artworks have been selected from the Government Art Collection. The works, relating to ideas around production, landscape and nature, connect with the borough’s rich history of creativity and its rich mix of urban spaces, waterway and forest. Each work has been placed in a carefully selected location that responds to the piece and offers new ways to think about it and the borough.

Highlights of the collection on display include a range of artists and ideas that span generations and borders. Works by Sir Jacob Epstein, Clare Woods, Hew Locke, Mel Brimfiled, Cornelia Parker, Rachel Whiteread and others will be free for all to see from 24 April to 31 August. Alongside the artworks on show, a full programme of talks and workshops will take place adding insights about the art from the perspective of local communities and artists.

Momart is proud to have been selected as the art logistics partner for this ambitious and unique project, providing art transportation from the Government Art Collection and art installation services in a selection of unusual locations within the borough of Waltham Forest.

Ways of Seeing
Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture 2019