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Never previously displayed paintings of Louis-Léopold Boilly, one of the most important artists of revolutionary France, will be exhibited at the National Gallery in London this spring.

Working in a politically turbulent Paris, Boilly, an artist who is little known in Britain, witnessed the French Revolution, the rise and fall of Napoleon, and the Restoration of the French Monarchy.

From controversially seductive interior scenes, to ‘first-of-their-kind’ everyday street scenes and clever trompe l’oeils, this exhibition will show the artist’s daring responses to the changing political environment and art market he encountered, and highlights his sharp powers of observation and wry sense of humour.

Coming from a British private collection with a turbulent history, the 20 artworks that will be on show represent the highlights of Boilly’s long career in Paris, from 1785 to the 1830s.

Boilly: Scenes of Parisian Life
28 February – 19 May 2019
The National Gallery