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Somerset House celebrates Snoopy and the enduring power of Peanuts, the popular comic strip created by Charles M. Schulz in 1950

Peanuts comic strip has been an inspiration for artists since its inception. Schulz created 17,897 strips during his life, syndicated to over 2,600 newspapers in 75 countries and translated into 21 languages, reaching a truly global audience in an era long before digital communications. Today, as a generation of artists who grew up during the ‘golden age’ of Peanuts come to prominence, its presence in the ideas and ambitions of contemporary art seems more powerful and relevant than ever.

Featuring original strips rarely seen in the UK or Europe, the exhibition will celebrate Schulz’s prodigious output, examine his creative process and explore the ways in which Peanuts has touched its audience on so many different levels, unpicking the themes and ideas that recur again and again throughout the comic strip.

Objects belonging to Schulz will also be on display, as well as original publications and vintage products. Alongside this examination of Schulz’s life and work, the exhibition will feature a thrilling range of contemporary pieces, including new works, by artists and designers who have been inspired by Peanuts.

Good Grief, Charlie Brown
Somerset House
25 Oct 2018 – 03 Mar 2019