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V&A to stage Fashioned from Nature, an in-depth look at the advancement of the sustainable fashion industry.

Fashioned from Nature, which will open on 21st April 2018, will examine the complex relationship between fashion and the natural world, looking at how designers from Christian Dior to Dries van Noten have drawn inspiration from the beauty of animals and flowers, as well as the ways that the heavy production demands of the industry have damaged the environment.

Made up of a selection of 300 of weird and wonderful objects, the exhibition will showcase contemporary designers of desirable, creative and sustainable popular fashion, and draw attention to the use of innovative fabrics.

The show will also look to the past 400 years of fashion to explore what we can learn from fashion practice in the past, with objects dating to the early 1600s, including a pair of earrings formed from the heads of two real Honeycreeper birds and a muslin dress decorated with the iridescent green wing cases of hundreds of jewel beetles.

The exhibition will present a range of solutions to reducing fashion’s impact on the environment from low water denim and using wild rubber to more conceptual and collaborative projects.

Protests are also to form a strong part of the narrative, with an outfit worn by designer Vivienne Westwood at a climate change protest expected to sit beside one from Katharine Hamnett’s 1989 ‘Clean Up or Die’ collection. A display of posters and slogan t-shirts will also serve to highlight the movements and groups who are challenging the credentials of the industry.

Fashioned from Nature
21 April 2018 – 27 Jan 2019
Victoria & Albert Museum