17-09-28 - Dali Duchamp_L
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Dalí / Duchamp—the first exhibition to present the art of two of the twentieth century’s most famous artists in exclusive dialogue is opening this autumn at the Royal Academy.

Father of conceptual art Marcel Duchamp and larger-than-life Surrealist Salvador Dalí, are usually seen as opposites in almost every respect, yet they shared attitudes to art and life that are manifested in their respective oeuvres on many levels. Taking their seemingly unlikely friendship as its starting point, the exhibition will demonstrate the aesthetic, philosophical and personal links between them.

This original show exhibits over 80 works—paintings, sculptures, ‘readymades’, drawings, and films— to bring to life the myriad of connections between the works of these two very different creative and intelligent minds. It will also showcase the less familiar: photographs by Dalí, paintings by Duchamp, correspondence and collaborations between the two artists.

Organised in three main thematic sections and presented through the lens of their intriguing friendship, the exhibition will allow the visitors to gain a new perspective on two equally inventive, intelligent and irreverent minds.

Dalí / Duchamp
Royal Academy of Arts
7 October 2017 – 3 January 2018