17-07-25 - Matisse in the studio_L
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Step into the studio of Henri Matisse with this eclectic collection of objects sourced from all around the world.

Matisse in the Studio is the first exhibition to consider how Henri Matisse’s personal collection of treasured objects were both subject matter and point of origin for his work.

Drawn from the far corners of South East Asia, Africa, North Africa, China and Europe amongst other destinations, Matisse’s collection includes a Buddhist statue from Thailand, Bamana figures from Mali and textiles from North Africa. Rarely of material value, these objects were nonetheless precious. They offered Matisse a point of departure for his work, which he continuously returned to throughout his career and reconceived in different guises according to the pictorial environment into which these objects were placed.

Alongside significant number of objects from his collection, the exhibition will feature over 65 of Matisse’s paintings, sculptures and drawings and will reveal the working processes by which these objects were transformed in his oeuvre.

Matisse in the Studio
Royal Academy of Arts
5 August – 12 November 2017