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Do you have an art exhibition to organise abroad? Got questions on international art shipping and logistics? The transcript of our recent Q&A webinar on international art shipping is now available to read.

Back in December we joined World Cultures Connect (WCC), a digital hub for international arts and cultural professionals, to talk about the procedures and challenges associated with shipping works of art around the globe. Our experts answered questions related to planning, packing, transport and coordination of international art logistics and shared some top tips to help you get your works where you need them, safely and on time.

The full transcript of this Q&A session is now available on the WWC website. Click here to read.

About World Cultures Connect

World Cultures Connect (WCC) is a new online directory and networking platform for art professionals around the world. It was initiated by Visiting Arts a registered charity which provides tools to the cultural sector to work more efficiently and intelligently worldwide. The WCC platform is a combination of detailed authoritative information on the cultural sector compiled by Visiting Arts throughout its 37-year history, with a professional networking site built in. Its approach combines discussion, debate and mediation by the users themselves and so allows the directory information to become “intelligent”.