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In this month’s special focus feature, Museums + Heritage Advisor provides three case studies on the safe and professional transport, packing and installation of museum collections and exhibitions.

Packing and transporting museum collections from place to place, whether from artists’ studios to a permanent site or as part of a loan or acquisition, is fundamental to museum discovery. It requires an intricate process of planning and trust, and experts both within and outside of museums.

Mark Harton, head of packing at Momart, in conversation with Museums + Heritage Advisor describes how Momart’s packing department handles its projects from huge Antony Gormley sculptures to Damien Hirst’s large-framed works.

Momart packing department

“When you combine heavy and fragile – then that’s when we have to be especially inventive,” says Momart’s Head of Packing, Mark Harton. “As a company, we are rigorous in seeking best standard, whether identifying the length of a screw to fit a lid, or the most appropriate material to wrap a Picasso.”

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