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The work of American abstract artist Jackson Pollock will go on show at Tate Liverpool this summer. The exhibition, Blind Spots, which opens on 30 June 2015, is the latest in a line of summer blockbuster exhibitions at the Albert Dock gallery.

Jackson Pollock (1912–56) is considered one of the most influential and provocative American artists of the 20th century, whose work has made a major contribution to abstract art. He has famously pioneered action painting, a process that saw him drip paint on canvases resting on the studio floor.

Blind Spots will take visitors on a journey through the artist’s practice, starting with a room featuring a selection of paintings from 1947–49 as an introduction to the innovative directions represented by the black pourings period. The exhibition will trace specific periods of Pollock’s life and how they are represented in his modern and abstract expressionist pieces, with his most famous works juxtaposed next to some of his lesser known artwork. A number of Pollock’s virtually unknown and rarely seen sculptures will also be displayed at Tate Liverpool during this show.


Pollock had profound influence on contemporary art, as art historian Michael Fried comments that it was while Pollock was making his black pouring’s he was ‘on the verge of an entirely new and different kind of painting … of virtually limitless potential’.

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Jackson Pollock: Blind Spots
Tate Liverpool
30 June - 18 October 2015