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Transporting works of art is a delicate business. In their June issue, Monocle explores the fine art of moving priceless paintings and sculptures around the world and observes Momart during our work on the recent LAND project.

In the newly released Monocle issue, dedicated to worldwide transport, journalist Marie-Sophie Schwarzer follows Momart team working on the exciting and challenging LAND project – an installation of five specially commissioned Antony Gormley sculptures, which formed a centrepiece of the 50th-anniversary celebrations of the Landmark Trust.

“I feel like a fish on the hook,” says Ian Edwards from art-transport specialist Momart. He’s tugging on his harness, perched on the 12-metre-high edge of Aldeburgh’s Martello Tower, sandwiched between the sweet water estuary of the Alde and the choppy North Sea. Where once cannon-fire roared and soldiers patrolled during the 19th-century Napoleonic wars, a new kind of watchman will be guarding the quatrefoil-shaped Suffolk stronghold from now on: a 649kg Antony Gormley sculpture called Check.

These five challenging and technically complex installations were project managed, transported and installed by Momart Ltd. The installations involved innovative sculpture fixing techniques and designs and some unorthodox delivery methods, taking into consideration the challenging terrain and changeable weather conditions at all the compass points in the UK.

“There is an excitement about making a sculpture that can live out there among the waves and the wind, the rain and the snow in night and day, whether looked at it or not,” says Antony Gormley. “It will be like a standing stone, a marker in space and time, linking with a specific place and its history. But also looking out, having a conversation with a future that hasn’t happened yet.”

Working with a complex array of stakeholders on each individual project to ensure the sensitivities of the artist’s vision were realised within these beautiful and dramatic locations, Momart has successfully installed all five works in time for the celebrations of the Landmark Trust’s Golden Weekend.

Read about the installation of Check at Martello Tower in the June issue of Monocle magazine or find out more about the LAND project and the 50th Anniversary of the Landmark Trust

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Images: LAND, Antony Gormley, A commission by The Landmark Trust, Courtesy Antony Gormley Studio and White Cube