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Imperial War Museum’s (IWM) first-ever global touring show, The WW1 Centenary Exhibition, starts its journey at the Melbourne Museum, Australia, this April - its only Australian stop before touring globally.

A recreated trench, artillery and artefacts including a fragment of feared German fighter pilot the Red Baron's plane will be part of this major show which attracted more than 8,000 people a day when it first opened in July 2014 in a new gallery at the Imperial War Museum London.

The WW1 Centenary Exhibition will enable people to encounter the story of the War as never before in a new, innovative and interactive experience. This multi-sensory, collections-rich journey will bring visitors face-to-face with objects and stories that illuminate the experience and personal stories of war, and show how it was fought on such an enormous, industrial and worldwide scale.

Over 350 objects chosen by expert curators from IWM’s world-class collection, ranging from large-scale artillery machines to intricate personal objects, will be featured alongside state-of-the-art immersive digital technology.

Melbourne will be the first of nine cities to host the international touring exhibition, curated by the IWM to mark the centenary of World War I.

The WW1 Centenary Exhibition
Melbourne Museum, Melbourne, Australia
18 April 2015