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Set to be one of the biggest spectacles of 2015, a major new exhibition opening in January at the Royal Academy gives us the chance to celebrate the work of Peter Paul Rubens with a focus on his influence on fellow artists.

This intriguing exhibition and a first major overview of the work of Peter Paul Rubens will explore the artistic legacy of Rubens in relation to Western Art. The show will present more than 160 works by the Flemish artist and those he inspired, bringing together a selection of Rubens's greatest masterpieces alongside artists as diverse as Manet, Klimt, Picasso, Turner and Van Dyck.

Rubens was described as the prince of painters for his amazing works produced in the 17th century.  Best known for his fleshy nude women, he also embraced a broad array of subjects, from religious and mythological scenes to landscapes and portraits. The exhibition will be exploring each of these areas through the lens of six themes; power, lust, compassion, elegance, poetry and violence.

Brimming with genuine masterpieces, this is an unprecedented opportunity to see works by Rubens side by side with the work of his artistic heirs.

Rubens And His Legacy: Van Dyck To Cézanne
24 January – 10 April 2015
Royal Academy of Arts, London