Service leader de transport, stockage et installation
d’objets d’art pour le compte des collectionneurs, galeries, musées et artistes du monde entier.

Case Studies

"Our experience of working with Momart on an extremely complicated project was incredibly positive. The level of professionalism, care and commitment was extremely high and evident in all aspects of the work." Kirsten Dunne, Senior Cultural Strategy Officer, Greater London Authority
"The first big piece that Momart moved and installed for me was a large scale painting transported to Art Unlimited in Basel back in 2006. They did a great job so when a commission for VIA University College in Aarhus came up, Momart was the company I could trust to properly take care of the work." Clare Woods, Artist
"Were it not for Momart's packing cases, many of the fragile plaster Henry Moore sculptures from his maquette studio may not have survived the Hurricane Sandy. Each sculpture, as small as the palm of a hand, had been wrapped in tissue and nestled in form fitted pockets inside layers of foam, all encased within waterproof sealed crates. Remarkably the cases actually floated and remained completely water tight, and the works did not suffer any damage." Anita Feldman, Head of Collections & Exhibitions, The Henry Moore Foundation
"How pleased I always am when Momart is appointed the carrier for a loan request as I am almost 100% confident that everything will go smoothly." Rebecca Moisan, Registrar, Southampton City Art Gallery