'Thumbs up’ for London's Trafalgar Square

The 11th Fourth Plinth artwork, a seven-metre high elongated thumbs-up ‘Really Good’, has been unveiled in London’s Trafalgar Square by mayor Sadiq Khan in September 2016.

Momart successfully co-ordinated the art handling and installation of the sculpture, a creation of David Shrigley, described as the “tallest and most positive yet” to be displayed on the Plinth.

Collaborating closely with the artist’s bronze foundry in Edinburgh, Momart collated all technical information to precisely plan the sculpture transport to London and drew up a detailed project delivery and implementation schedule to coordinate the work of several stakeholders.

Momart - Installation of artwork - Fourth Plinth - David Shrigley Really Good 2
Momart - Installation of artwork - Fourth Plinth - David Shrigley Really Good 3

As with all Fourth Plinth commissions, the installation works needed to be as secretive as possible not to diminish the sculptures impact at its unveiling and launch to the public. From the sculpture road haulage between Edinburgh and London to the scaffolding built around the Plinth, all operations preceded swiftly and discretely, with many services completed during very early morning hours to avoid crowds typical for this Central London location.

Momart provided a 24-hour project management service, with our technical team present on site at all time to ensure successive sub-contracted services like crowd fencing, scaffolding and craning were executed to planned schedule and key project stages were delivered on time.

The final sculpture crane lift on to the Plinth, early on clear September morning, went very smoothly leaving the foundry’s team and Greater London Authority’s officials with several hours to polish and drape the sculpture in readiness for the unveiling two days later.

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